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Hi, my name is Luciano Vernaschi and this site is my point of presence in the virtual world. It is also the home for MeshCMS and other software I wrote years ago.

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This is the current status of MeshCMS translations:

Language Version Translated by
English 4.0 alpha Luciano Vernaschi
Italian 4.0 alpha Luciano Vernaschi
Chinese (Taiwan) 3.5 Wu-Jeng Li
Spanish 3.4 José Juan Escudero
Chinese 3.2 Huang Feilong
Hungarian 3.2 Papp György Vilmos
Finnish 3.2 Jani Palsamäki and Jani Kaarnalehto
Indonesian 3.2 Budi Ongkowijaya
Russian 3.0.5 Rostislav Palivoda and Konstantin Burov
French 3.0 Pierre Métras
German 3.0 Christian Peter and Dirk Deeken
Dutch 2.4 Matthijs Dekker

If you want to contribute other translations now, or update one that has been left behind, you can get the Properties file to be translated or the complete list of translations.

I suggest Attesoro to translate the file. It is a simple and free Java application (an executable JAR file) that you can…

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