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Hi, my name is Luciano Vernaschi and this site is my point of presence in the virtual world. It is also the home for MeshCMS and other software I wrote years ago.

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About TomTom, Android and Stealing Money with False Promises

In October 2012 I was one of the first customers to buy the new TomTom app for Android. I paid 44,99 € to have Western Europe covered with lifetime map upgrades.

Now, we must find an agreement on what "lifetime" means. I didn't expect to get updates for 50 years: who knows what technology will be in 2062! And I won't likely last so much.

But now, in 2015, they have decided that we don't deserve further upgrades! Is that an infaust prophecy? Should I consult a cardiologist?

Well, three years is just too few. They're offering me other three years of free usage of their new app, but it doesn't count, they are just thiefs.

And the Google Play Store is their accomplice. I bought the app from them after all. They accept every lie from any app developer and take their substantial commission on every purchase. If you buy any good from…

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