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About TomTom, Android and Stealing Money with False Promises

In October 2012 I was one of the first customers to buy the new TomTom app for Android. I paid 44,99 € to have Western Europe covered with lifetime map upgrades.

Now, we must find an agreement on what "lifetime" means. I didn't expect to get updates for 50 years: who knows what technology will be in 2062! And I won't likely last so much.

But now, in 2015, they have decided that we don't deserve further upgrades! Is that an infaust prophecy? Should I consult a cardiologist?

Well, three years is just too few. They're offering me other three years of free usage of their new app, but it doesn't count, they are just thiefs.

And the Google Play Store is their accomplice. I bought the app from them after all. They accept every lie from any app developer and take their substantial commission on every purchase. If you buy any good from a retailer, he is responsible of what's selling to you and must listen to your complain if that good does not match what advertised.

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Sickabell: Sort of Mess (Video)

Very promising: good song and good video.

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MeshCMS 3 Is Still Alive

I keep trying to find some time to develop MeshCMS 4, but unfortunately there are many features that need to be implemented, and some design errors that need to be fixed. Despite of this, MeshCMS 4 is running this website and some others since one year.

I was not working on MeshCMS 3 at all, even if there are some websites around that use it. But I recently discovered a report about a vulnerability in MeshCMS 3 and I decided to fix it.

While working with the code, I realized that it was not too hard to add some other improvements to the new 3.x release, like upgrading TinyMCE to its latest version, thus fixing compatibility with modern browsers.

So, this is the list of changes that I implemented in a very short time:

  • Fixed vulnerability reported at
  • TinyMCE updated to 3.4.2
  • jQuery updated to 1.6
  • Colorbox updated to 1.3.17
  • Thumbnail creation performed using less memory
  • Added Artisteer support to listmenu
  • Created a new…

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More Fun with My Sony NEX 3 and a Cheap CCTV Lens

Owning a Sony NEX means having a choice between three specific lenses only, but it also means that you can use almost any other lens, provided that you buy an adapter and that you're fine with manual focus that the lens has an aperture ring.

Recently I read an article on Steve Huff's blog (the link is below, because IMHO there's a mistake in that article), showing a cheap (under $100) 35mm f/1.7 lens that allows to take interesting and unconventional shots. That's exactly what I was searching for: a cheap fast lens for my NEX.

The lens is a Chinese CCTV lens with an adapter for the NEX. You can find it on eBay. I bought one for less than $40, shipping included. It arrived in 9 days from Hong Kong; the package included the lens, the adapter, some caps and two macro rings. This is the lens with the adapter mounted.

So, what's wrong with Steve's article? The seller he suggests is a liar, since he claims that his lens is not a CCTV lens, while by just looking at it on eBay,…

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How To Try MeshCMS 4 Alpha

The development of MeshCMS 4 is going well, and I'm enjoying it to manage my website and some other ones. But, unfortunately, the build process is not complete yet, so if you want to try it, you must make some steps manually.

First of all, check out MeshCMS 4 with Subversion from (it is located in trunk). Then, download GWT from Unpack GWT within the project, in /lib/gwt, so that the JARs are located in that directory (e.g. /lib/gwt/gwt-servlet.jar).

While this is the required effort, you might probably want to use a WYSIWYG editor in the CMS. At the moment, TinyMCE and CKeditor are supported. Download one of them (or both) and unpack in /lib/editors, so that you have /lib/editors/tiny_mce/tiny_mce.js and/or /lib/editors/ckeditor/ckeditor.js.

To build MeshCMS 4 you need JDK 5 or newer and Ant. Open a command shell in the project directory…

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