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Sickabell: Sort of Mess (Video)

Very promising: good song and good video.

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First MeshCMS 4 Video

I just recorded a video while playing with the current MeshCMS 4 development code. It contains some random tests, showing some cool features:

  • creation of a new page
  • page editing
  • switching between draft and published version of the page
  • usage of modules
  • file manager with integrated control panel
  • drag&drop to order pages and modules

The application is run in GWT development mode, so it's slower than it will be when compiled to JavaScript.

There is A LOT of work to do yet before it can be released, but the big part has been done, as you can see. FYI words between asterisks *** like this *** are just markers for text that needs to be put in better form in resource bundles.

Please comment and share!

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