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How To Use NHibernate in an ASP.NET Web Site Project (Even With Visual Studio Express)

This is the first time I write an article about ASP.NET, even if I use it at work every day. Yesterday I got NHibernate working in a web site project (which is different from a web application one), despite of all unsuccessful searches on the web, and I wish to share my configuration.

Please note that if you are completely new to NHibernate, you'll learn nothing about it in this article: I just want to help you to get it running in a web site project. For the same reason I've also avoided to implement all those best practices that are already widely documented on the web.

I think that some of you might wonder why one would want to use NHibernate in a web site project, since it looks like using an enterprise tool in a small project. But I don't think that (N)Hibernate must be confined into somewhat big applications: once you've learned it, there's no reason to use another persistence framework for small projects. And being able to use it in Visual Studio Web Developer…

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