MeshCMS 4 Now Used To Serve This Website

MeshCMS 4 is now serving this website, and the current code is published on SVN (in trunk). There's much work to do before making a release though:

  • fix bugs
  • add missing features
  • write code comments
  • write documentation

Due to the slow development pace, all this will require months, but at least the MeshCMS 4 era has begun. I find it much more enjoyable than MeshCMS 3.x. For example, the file manager is much faster and creating and adding modules to pages is a pleasure now. And finally I can write this page and test it before making it visible to the public, a feature that MeshCMS has missed for years.

MeshCMS 3 is very stable and has good documentation. It won't be easy to match that level for MeshCMS 4, so any help is appreciated.


Aug 25, 2010 9:54 PM

Hi Luciano,

nice to see that you have developed MeshCMS 4! Let me know if I can help you (in hungarian translation, or in other java-based tasks). I hope you know my email address.

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