Change Log

These are the changes made since the first release of MeshCMS.

2011-05-26: 3.6 released

- Fixed vulnerability reported at
- Added support for page images in blog and RSS
- Added a parameter to blog to display only pages with a specified tag
- Added support for Colorbox in the image gallery
- Links in comments now have the rel=nofollow attribute
- Added sort option to the include module
- TinyMCE updated to 3.4.2
- jQuery updated to 1.6
- Colorbox updated to 1.3.17
- Thumbnail creation performed using less memory
- Added Artisteer support to listmenu
- Created a new default theme using Artisteer

2009-07-02: 3.5 released

- IMPORTANT: license changed to GPLv3
- Fixed to generate relative links almost everywhere
- Blog module refactored to be able to replace Latest Changes and Most Visited
- Latest Changes module now looks like Blog and Most Visited
- Reversed date order in Blog Calendar
- Added an option to the Comments module to remove the HTML editor
- Added an RSS feed feature
- Added a progress bar to the upload page

2008-11-06: 3.4.1 released

- Fixed incompatibility with Tomcat 5.5.27 and 6.0.18
- Added Taiwanese translation (contributed by Wu-Jeng Li)

2008-09-07: 3.4 released

- Added site synchronization to copy a site over another
- Sites can be protected with password
- Added a new Spanish translation (contributed by Jose Juan Escudero)
- Multilanguage dialogs improved
- Updated Javascript popup

2008-08-17: 3.3 released

- Added Hungarian, Chinese and Finnish translations
- Added Google Sitemap generator

2008-02-23: 3.2 released

- MeshCMS-specific information is now stored in META tags instead of HTML tag
- Added blog module
- Added a module to embed code snippets in page (e.g. YouTube videos)
- Added clean and preview capabilities to the source code editor
- Added Indonesian Language (translation by Budi Ongkowijaya)
- Added an option to use Lightbox in the gallery module (contributed by Gilles Hooghe)
- New tag and property to detect current language
- Added the ability to fix links in modules for pages from other directories
- Added captchas to the comment module
- Added two new parameters to the pagehead tag to remove script and styles from HTML pages
- New tag to check if the page is in the site map
- New tag to check if the page is an admin page
- Return HTTP 301 (moved permanently) for moved pages
- Added an option to clean (tidy) HTML code on the server
- Improved searching of moved pages
- Added two new themes to samples
- File Manager now allows to view/edit files in another window
- TinyMCE upgraded to 2.1.3
- EditArea upgraded to
- Added the <cms:adminpath> tag to get the CMS admin path
- <cms:listmenu> "path" attribute supports special values "current", "parent" and "root"
- <cms:info> can now provide some basic system info
- <cms:moduletitle> gets "pre" and "post" attributes
- Login menu is not shown if we're performing a static export
- Default configuration values have been revised and changed

2007-06-25: 3.1 released

- Look&feel refreshed using icons by Mark James (
- Added icons of flags for use with the cms:langmenu
- Links tag improved
- Added an option to replace resized images with server-generated ones
- Download module now uses the Download servlet
- Added support for links and random order to the image gallery
- Audio and video players now show a list of files when Flash is not installed
- Automatic home page redirection moved from SetLocale tag to site configuration
- Added "Internet Sharing" theme by Solucija (ported by Rostislav Palivoda)
- Added Russian translation (by Rostislav Palivoda and Konstantin Burov)
- Added recommended settings for the Riva FLV Encoder (video player)
- Added a parameter to the Comments module to hide comments older than x days.
- Added a security-related option to forbid JSP files in virtual sites

2007-03-01: 3.0.5 released

- Added an option to specify a title for each module
- Added mixed cache strategy (on disk and, when possible, in memory)
- TinyMCE upgraded to 2.1.0

2007-01-15: 3.0.4 released

- Fix: wrong format of the tag library descriptor
- Added a site map iterator to ease creation of menus
- TinyMCE upgraded to 2.0.9
- New system theme (enabled by default)
- XStream always uses UTF-8

2007-01-04: 3.0.3 released

- IMPORTANT FIX: multibyte charsets (i.e. UTF-8) can be used again
- Added static export
- Last modified tag enhanced to allow updating of the page modification time
- After saving a page, the new version is now shown immediately
- New tag: search file
- Enhanced resized thumbnail class
- EditArea upgraded to
- SimpleMenu and TigraMenu tags and Site Map module now honor submenu hiding
- Image Gallery improved: better popups

2006-11-22: 3.0.2 released

- EditArea upgraded to 0.6.2
- JavaMail upgraded to 1.4 (activation 1.1)
- Commons-FileUpload upgraded to 1.1.1 (Commons-IO 1.2)
- XStream upgraded to 1.2.1
- Browser compatibility improved for some modules (i.e. Mail and Comments)
- Guide documents features added in 3.0.1

2006-11-22: 3.0.1 released

- IMPORTANT FIX: the page manager was deleting the whole dir instead of the page only.
- Added Diary module - similar to Headlines, but allows filtering & sorting by date
- Make Gallery capable of sorting files by date as well as by name
- Allow site admins to specify a default for thumbnail quality
- Added a simple module to display a URL in an IFrame.
- Basic multilanguage support by allowing users to
- TinyMCE now includes all plugins and translations
- Upgrade to SiteMesh 2.3
- File Manager now highlights items that have a theme associated to
- Fix: SiteInfo is no longer cleaned up

2006-11-06: 3.0 released

- Page Manager improved
- New module: most visited pages
- Updated Simplified Chinese, French and German translations
- TinyMCE upgraded to 2.0.8
- TinyMCE configured to generate valid XHTML
- TinyMCE enhanced with inline popups, advanced paste and source formatting
- Bug fixed: the allowHiding attribute had been omitted by the tld file
- If the upload file can be renamed, it will avoid overwriting another file
- The Refresh Site Map button won't mark the old map as obsolete
- Improved cache management and monitoring
- Default thumbnail quality changed to high
- Option to view saved page no longer shown for files inside the CMS dir
- Bug fixed: HTML entities weren't managed correctly in some cases
- Page manager no longer allows to delete the home page
- Bug fixed: a user was allowed to create another user with the same username
- Bug fixed: the page editing icon was shown even for pages that the current user can't edit
- Bug fixed: editor.js now checks for uninitialized variables
- EditArea upgraded to 0.6.1
- XStream upgraded to 1.2 (this solves an issue with non-ASCII characters)
- Bug fixed: the chat module is working again
- Modules now have a directory where they can save persistent data
- Added an icon that points to the help for the currently selected module
- The comments module now implements a simple check against automated submissions

2006-10-13: 3.0 rc 2 released

- SiteInfo stored data is now cleaned to forget info about deleted pages
- Modules can be collapsed in the editor
- Conversion to HTML entities is now done only for single-byte charsets
- File Manager no longer modifies file names automatically
- Function added to the File Manager to remove unsuited characters from file names
- Added EditArea to have syntax highlighting in the source editor
- Improved the Page Manager interface

2006-09-06: 3.0 rc 1 released

- Comments module can send email notifications
- Added an option to hide subpages in navigation menus (by Hue)
- Fixed recognition of different charset names (e.g. ANSI_X3.*)
- Two new modules: audio and video player (both are Flash-based)
- Experimental support for XStream in pure mode
- Option to show/hide subpages in navigation menus (by Hue)
- Added e-mail notifications for the comments module

2006-06-22: 3.0 beta 1 released

- Added support for multiple sites in a single installation (experimental)
- Added ALIB to provide nice menus (script modified by Hue Holleran)
- Added some configuration options to define site information
- Modules now are contained in separate directories
- Modules can accept advanced parameters
- New default theme (based on a design by Andreas Viklund)
- Some work has been done to have less tables around in the admin area
- Changed the distribution ( and now)
- Jetty is now supported out-of-the-box, without further configuration
- The file manager can now copy/duplicate/delete entire directories
- The file manager now allows to download directories and files as a ZIP file
- Added Spanish translation (contributed by Raul Herranz)
- Added German translation (contributed by Dirk Deeken)
- Added the new ListMenu tag to create menus as HTML unordered lists
- SimpleMenu and TigraMenu now default to the directory where the theme is applied
- Fixed a bug in the file manager when the admin directory has been renamed
- Added the option to define advanced parameters for modules
- Added chat module (contributed by Pierre Metras)
- Added other modules: headlines, latest changes and comments
- TinyMCE updated to
- TinyMCE configuration moved to admin/tinymce_init.js so one can customize it
- Now if a bad theme prevents loading the control panel, a reload fixes it

2006-03-18: 2.4 released

- Added French translation (contributed by Pierre Metras)
- Added Chinese translation
- Added a dummy theme to workaround a bug in SiteMesh and allow Chinese translation to work
- Added an option to convert page titles in "Manage Pages" and use HTML entities
- Added a new mailform field descriptor: "messagebody"
- Language codes with countries re-added to the language list in the user profile
- The language list in the user profile is now shown in English to be compatible with most charsets
- Updated TinyMCE to 2.0.4
- Fixed synchronization bug within frames in the file manager
- Added translation for JavaScript messages
- Added support for SMTP authentication (contributed by Steve Meyfroidt)
- Added an option to choose a charset
- Fixed the AdminMenu when used through a proxy
- Fixed some security issues reported by Hue Holleran
- Re-added the cache engine since now it is compatible with page charsets

2005-12-10: 2.3 released

- The mail form no longer sends a copy to the sender (to avoid spam - reported by Matthijs Dekker)
- New engine for thumbnails
- Cache engine removed. Il will be replaced with OSCache in a future release
- Added Dutch translation (contributed by Matthijs Dekker)
- Some HTML fixes (contributed by Ahmed Mohombe)
- Added two new mailform field descriptors: "sendername" and "subject"
- Updated TinyMCE to 2.0.1

2005-10-12: 2.2 released

- Restored the correct format of file lengths
- Added 4 minor custom tags
- HTML capability removed from mail forms to avoid formatting issues
- Removed some unused code
- Default charset changed to UTF-8
- Language list limited to language codes without countries
- Help is now included in the release and supports multiple languages
- Some other changes and bug fixes

2005-08-04: 2.1 released

- Added support for Localization
- Added Italian translation
- Some other changes and bug fixes

2005-07-25: 2.0.4 released

- Cache restored since the issue with mail forms has been fixed
- Fixed bug that prevented using mail forms without cookies
- Some cosmetic improvements
- Added a method to prevent pages from being cached (useful in some module templates)
- Configuration is no longer saved in XML format to avoid an issue with some Tomcat versions

2005-07-16: 2.0.3 released

- Cache removed due to an issue with mail forms

2005-06-27: 2.0.2 released

- Hotlinking improved so when one visits a page there's no check for that session
- Caching improved to ignore suspicious small files

2005-05-25: 2.0.1 released

- Added a feature to prevent hotlinking
- Configuration saved in XML format instead of serialized
- Help icon is now fetched from the local installation
- XMenu and XTree have been moved to their own directories
- Created a new module template to include plain text files
- Added a class by Brian M. Clapper to format text mail messages
- Added more buttons to TinyMCE

2005-05-22: 2.0 released

Too many changes to be listed. Main ones are:

- New site map engine
- New file manager (compatible with Firefox)
- New page to edit the site map
- New method to manage modules

2005-02-21: 1.1 beta 3 released

- Images are loaded using java.awt.Toolkit to create thumbnails faster
- Fixed Servlet-Mappings in web.xml

2005-01-25: 1.1 beta 2 released

- Added an option to SimpleMenu to expand intermediate levels
- Module locations colored differently in the editor
- Changed the configuration of TinyMCE in the editor
- Synchronization of thumbnail creation has been removed

2005-01-03: 1.1 beta 1 released

- Custom directory index removed
- Thumbnail creation has been synchronized
- Modules can be inserted in 3 different locations of the page
- Added a static export feature (experimental)

2004-12-12: 1.0 RC3 released

- Added a simple grammar to create more complex mail forms
- Added a page to customize site menu entries
- Improved support for hidden pages
- Changed the way servlets are called (path info is now used)
- Thumbnail quality improved
- Removed the "home" and "last" attributes from the "Breadcrumbs" tag
- Added the "current" attribute to the "Breadcrumbs" tag
- behavior of com.cromoteca.meshcms.WebApp.getBreadcrumbs(...) changed
- Welcome pages are no longer listed in the SimpleMenu

2004-11-24: 1.0 RC2 released

- Added a warning for the session expiration in the editor
- Filemanager greatly improved
- Added a home page for the CMS with icons
- "Last Modified" tag improved
- Added a new module: parse.jsp
- Created a new thumbnail for the gallery module (looks like the WinXP thumbnail)

2004-11-16: 1.0 RC1 released

- Added a style for the includes
- Directories can be renamed
- The directory tree in the file manager is now sorted alphabetically
- Added a "Last Modified" custom tag
- Fixed the behavior of the "home breadcrumb" in
- Added a the option for the sender of a message to receive a carbon copy
- Better browser cache prevention
- Added "pre" and "post" text in the Breadcrubms and Links custom tags
- Modules are now sorted alphabetically in the editor
- Some interface improvements to integrate the interface in the site
- Added a configuration page (properties moved to a separate config file)

2004-10-16: 0.2.1 released

- Re-added sources
- The web application is now included as a WAR file
- The download template now shows file sizes

2004-10-13: 0.2 released

Too many changes to list

2004-08-11: 0.1 released

First public release of MeshCMS