Gallery of Examples

Here are some examples of Isaac works. Some come from external sites:

  • A real-life example (
    this site has an intro and a menu made with Isaac. The menu is more significant, since it shows some of the advantages of this program:
    - the menu has a simple animation, then it shows a rollover effect;
    - the current page is highlighted automatically;
    - once loaded for the first time, the menu remains available for the other pages;
    - an animated GIF with an associated map of links is provided as an alternative.
  • A slideshow
    images are loaded only when needed. It is easy to add links to big images.
  • A simple banner
    a simple animation in the standard banner size. Isaac creates a GIF version for users that disabled Java in their browsers. See it here.
  • A more complex animation with navigation
    a demo of some common uses of Isaac.
  • Isaac introduces itself (1.01)
    navigate the program window through an animation that shows all the menus and describes commands and options.
  • Isaac introduces itself (3.0)
    as above, but simpler. This animation is included in the program help.
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